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Frontier insurance

When entering the territory of Hungary and for the entire staying in the country, the user/driver of a motor vehicle registered abroad must be insured under the same conditions as users of Hungarian motor vehicles. The insurance cover shall be evidenced either by an international motor insurance certificate (Green Card) or in case the vehicle is registered in a country being signatory of the respective agreement, by the registration number and a separately placed country designation. You will find the list of the signatory countries on the page of Completion of the tasks of the National Green Card Bureau.

› Please see this information regarding our claim management.

In case the user/driver is unable to prove the insurance cover outlined above, then he/she has to purchase a frontier insurance cover. A frontier insurance contract may be concluded at the customs offices at the border or assigned branch offices of the Allianz Hungaria Insurance Company. The frontier insurance cover is granted on the basis of a co-insurance participation of the Hungarian motor insurers. Selling and administration of the insurance policies is assigned to the Allianz Hungaria Insurance Company, whilst the settlement of losses will be arranged by our office.

In case the driver of the foreign motor vehicle would, subsequently to the accident, present a frontier insurance policy as an evidence of the insurance cover, then one has to complete the Accident Report Form attached to this policy.

Upon having signed by both parties involved, and – as a notification of the loss – the original of this document along with the second copy of the policy should be submitted to the motor claims handling office of Allianz Hungaria Insurance Company or the liability insurer of the claimant. The surveyor of the insurance company will carry out the survey of the damaged motor vehicle or any other property damage. His findings will be included in the survey report along with an estimated calculation of the loss. Then, the whole set of claim support documentation shall be forwarded to our office, so that the loss may be settled.

The fees of frontier insurance in 2015:

Vehicle category
Monthly fee
Passenger car
90 000 HUF
Motorbike 35 000 HUF
Bus 150 000 HUF
Lorry 170 000 HUF
Truck 170 000 HUF
Agricultural tractor
50 000 HUF
Trailer 50 000 HUF
Moped 3 500 HUF
Luggage trailer, Caravan
2 000 HUF
Motorbike trailer
2 000 HUF

› The fees of frontier insurance in 2014

› The fees of frontier insurance in 2013


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